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  • Krista Cook , Studio 831 Testimonials

    I have been a member at Studio 831 since 2007. Once I started training with Paige I was hooked. I started first with X-train and then was introduced to CrossFit, which I love.

    Training at 831 has helped me improve at the sports I do outside of the gym – 10K trail racing and surfing. Studio 831 is a family gym and has always had an excellent team of trainers. Most of the original members are still training there today.

    I think that says a lot! 831 is not just a gym, it is a community where you will feel very welcome and supported no matter what level you are performing at. I have trained here through three pregnancies and am so thankful for the trainers’ attention and knowledge. The programming at 831 is excellent. I am challenged and get a great workout in while having a ton of fun! I am in the best shape of my life. Thank you 831!

    Krista Cook
  • Michael Krueggel, Studio 831 Testimonials

    This is a fantastic place to workout and learn from some of the best. The crossfit program although rigorous at times helped propel my fitness to the next level and have helped me lose 15 pounds in the first couple months. I owe Dylan, Paige, Diego, and all the coaches a huge thank you for coming in early and staying late just to push us to the limits.

    Michael Krueggel
  • Jen Wills, Studio 831 Testimonials

    I just wanted to take a moment to let you know what a huge and positive impact 831 has had on me. The friendships I have made are priceless. The physical gains I have made are beyond my wildest dreams when I first walked in the door.


    My daily class provides balance and prepares me for the rest of my day in a positive manner. I am proud to belong to 831 and proud of the job you all have done making the gym so inclusive.

    Jen Wills
  • Lindsay Moreno, Studio 831 Testimonials

    About a year ago I spoke to one of the head coaches Dylan, and expressed my need address my fitness. I had my own personal goals that I needed help with. As a fulltime worker and mother of toddler twins, I only have so much time in the gym to do that.

    Dylan listened and started my personal programming. He also educated me on how to obtain those goals nutritionally, how much to eat, what to eat and why. I have always struggled with eating enough and in the beginning found it impossible. But as patient as he is, he had faith that I would be able to do it even though I doubted myself daily. His encouragement and pep talks have always grounded me and brought me back out of my negative bubble into a more positive outlook and to not be so hard on myself.

    The coaches and athletes at Studio 831 are my second family. I'm accepted for who I am, I never ever feel judged or looked down on if I can't do something. I understand that most people who have either never gone to a gym or tried Crossfit have a pretense that they will be laughed at or they're too over weight to do it. There is not a single person at Studio 831 that has ever laughed or put down another. It's not about looks, it's about effort, giving it your best for yourself, and safety.

    I've gained a lot through this gym and I've made amazing friends. These are the people that will not only support you in the gym they will support you in your personal life outside the gym. When looking for a change in your routine (which is why you're reading this) or wanting to be healthier, stronger, and gain more confidence in abilities you didn't even know you had, then Studio 831 is the place. You will be welcomed with open arms, every time you walk in. And as we all know, walking in is the hardest part.

    Lindsay Moreno
  • Steve Colton, Studio 831 Testimonials

    I highly recommend the personal training at Studio 831. They program individualized training that helps you meet specific needs or goals. My coach, Kat Girard, has been successfully helping me rehab a hip issue and I'm extremely satisfied with the progress I've been making. Try out the program!

    Steve Colton


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