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Are you curious about building greater overhead stability and shoulder strength? A great first step to take is to perfect the shoulder press. Not only will it help guide you into progressive movements such as the push press, push jerk, and split jerk, but it will also ensure that you have a solid foundation of overhead movements. A humbling exercise, the strict shoulder press doesn’t demand the use of big weight, but rather overall body awareness and technique.

Workout 2.1.16


A1: Strict Press @21×1; 4 x 3-5; rest 1 min

A2: Back Extension @4112; 4 x 8-10; rest 2 min


A1: Jumping Air Squat @30×1; 3 x 10-12; rest 30 sec

A2: KB Sumo Deadlift High Pull; 3 x 10-12; rest 30 sec

A3: Death March; 3 x 10; rest 30 sec

A4: Single Arm DB Push Press; 3 x 8-10 per side; rest 10 sec; rest 30 sec


5 Minute Cap

400m Run

Then, 8 HSPU, 5 Front Sqaut, 7 HSPU, 5 Push Jerk

rest 2 min x 3

A: 135/93; B: 115/78; C: 95/63

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