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1) Name:

Marlene Flores

2) How long have you been a member at 831?

I have been a member at 831 since October of 2014, a little over a year.

3) What program do you follow and why?

I am currently doing the CrossFit classes. One of the things that sparked an interest in trying CrossFit was the variety of workouts that we are able to do. I like the format of the class, strength training in the beginning and then a workout.

4) What are your fitness goals?

This year I’d like to focus on becoming stronger and losing more weight.

5) What’s your favorite lift/workout?

My favorite lift at the moment is the Overhead Snatch. I have a hard time doing any lift that requires upper body strength and this one is definitely proving to be challenging to accomplish and so I love being in the gym and working on it to get better. I don’t think I have a favorite workout I like doing different workouts, but I do specifically enjoy doing box jumps and burpees!

6) What are your hobbies outside the gym?

I enjoy bike riding, swimming and hiking. I also play tennis on occasion. Going to shows in town is also something I do.

7) Name a few fun facts people at the gym might not know about you:

I’m not sure. I like reading books from Gabriel García Márquez and I’m currently watching the X Files (I’m on Season 5 finally!) and am patiently waiting for their return on January 24th!

Workout 2.3.16

Around the World x 20 Min

60 Sec Double-Unders

20 KB Windmill; 10 R/10 L

2 Rope Climb

20-40 Sec Hollow Hold

60 Sec Assault Bike


AMRAP in 15 Min

15 DB Press, 10 Air Squat, 15, Sit-Up, 10 Renegade Row, 5 Wall Walk

A: 40/25

B: 30/20

C: 25/15

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