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1) Name: Lindsey Graham-Jones

2) How long have you been a member at 831? 1.5 years

3) What program do you follow and why?

I usually do crossfit classes three to five times weekly – usually at noon and occasionally in the evening.

4) What are your fitness goals?

To get stronger and improve my form, learn new movements, booze less and eat cleaner and continue to be inspired (and hopefully also inspire) our amazing 831 community of superstars!

5) What’s your favorite lift/workout?

I love deadlifting, power cleaning and HSPUs.

6) What are your hobbies outside the gym?

Surfing and chilling.

7) Name a few fun facts people at the gym might not know about you:

Im the youngest of 5 kids and my mom was 47 when she had me. I studied journalism and have freelanced for public radio. Ive read every book by Tom Robbins. Im obsessed with Sicilian wine. I love babies and otters and my spirit animal is a red tailed hawk.

Workout 2/10/16

Around the World x 20 Min

Run 200m

10 Superman

10 V-Up

Side Plank; Accumulate 1:00 per side

5 High Box Jump

10 Cal Assault Bike


AMRAP in 15 Min

10 DB Press, 20 Mountain Climber, 30 Double-Unders, 20 Sit-Ups, 10 DB Snatch, 400m Run

A: 60/40

B: 45/30

C: 30/20

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