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Squatting: we all do it. Whether or not you love it, hate it, or fall somewhere in between (like most of us!), it’s important to understand the effort our bodies go to to successfully get us through this movement. Consequently, stretching both before and after squatting is incredibly beneficial to both strength gains and mobility. You need both in order to nail that squat PR!

Workout 2.11.16


A: Hang Power Snatch; 3,3,3,3,3; rest 2-3 min


A1: Bulgarian Split Squat @3010; 3 x 8; rest 10 sec; rest 30 sec

A2: Plo Push-Ups; 3 x 5-7; rest 30 sec

A3: Pull-Up Negatives; 3 x 5-7; rest 30 sec

A4: FLR; Accumulate 60 sec w/ perfect positioning


For Time

200m Row, 10 Thrusters, 15 T2B, 20 KB Swing

Rest 2 min x 3

A: 115/78; 53/35

B: 95/63; 44/26; C: 75/53; 35/20

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