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This Studio 831 original article (based off of our ebook!) highlights the myths underlying our understanding of fat loss. Be sure to read it to come to a better conclusion about the way our bodies are affected by little habits we might not realize!

How many different types of ways have you heard are the best to shed some fat, as quickly as possible? Especially in the fitness world, there almost too many diet fads to keep track of— but avoiding hearing about them is about as realistic as avoiding the plague. Everyone wants to shed body fat, but before you do, it’s important to have a helpful background in understanding what is true (and isn’t true) about fat loss in general. Three key things to remember are to understand the real benefits of working out, eating well, and being sure to get enough sleep every night.

The Importance of Consistent Exercise

Doing endless hours of cardio is often times universally accepted as the main way to lose body fat. Running, cycling, rowing, you name it— if it’s cardiovascular, it’s understood that you’ll become leaner. This is why we see so many people putting in countless hours of work on that elliptical; going full steam ahead towards whatever fat loss goal they have in their minds. Although this is true to some degree, shorter and higher-intensity cardio workouts have been proven to be more effective at achieving a lower body fat percentage. Similarly, combining weight training with your high-intensity cardio will yield the most benefits to the consistent, dedicated individual. Simply put, a combination of both is needed for optimal fat loss and to become a healthier version of yourself. Your body actually burns more fat maintaining muscle than it does maintaining fat in a resting state! And what better way to gain muscle than to lift some weights?

Get Your Nutrition On Point

Diet is just as important— if not more so— than exercise when it comes to fat loss. If you’re putting in the hours in the gym, make sure you’re putting in the hours in the kitchen! Worried about time-consuming meal prepping, or thinking you have to graze on 6-7 small meals throughout the day to be healthy? Fortunately, there’s no evidence proving that eating smaller, more constant meals will lead to more fat loss than the standard 3 meals a day we’re all used to. Meal prepping is great if you have the time, but if you don’t, simply focus on consciously making the healthiest food choices you can. Remember that the calories you consume from whole foods are less fattening than those from processed foods, because they take more energy to metabolize. Making simple tweaks can go a long way: cutting out alcohol, snacking, and drinking more water are just small changes your body will thank you later for making.

Sleep More, Burn More Fat

Last, but certainly not least, is the importance of sleep! Often times overlooked, consistently getting a good night’s sleep is crucial in developing and maintaining a healthy body, mind, and lifestyle. Without proper sleep, cortisol levels increase, which in turn cause anxiety and weight gain. Your body won’t forget the sleep it doesn’t get! Rather, when we don’t sleep enough, those hours add up and can have serious consequences on our well-being. A lack of sleep kills motivation, increased hunger levels, and forgetfulness, amongst others. Sleep loss stimulates the appetite because when we don’t sleep enough, the peptides that regulate appetite are stimulated— making you hungrier for high-fat, high-carbohydrate foods.

When it comes to working towards and maintaining fat loss, remember what’s true and what isn’t true! The three main ideas to keep in mind are exercise, diet, and sleep. In order to hone in on your fat loss goals, success will be limited unless you’re making a sincere effort to utilize the benefits your body is capable of achieving.

For more info on separating the myth from the reality when it comes to fat loss download our free ebook 10 Fat Loss Myths to Leave Behind.

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Workout 2.18.16


A: Low Hang Power Snatch + Hang Power Snatch; 5 x 1.1; rest 2-3 min


A1: KB Front Rack Box Step-Up; 3 x 12 per leg; rest 10 sec; rest 30 sec

A2: Push-Up; 5-10; rest 30 sec

A3: Pull-Up Negatives; 3 x 3-5; rest 30 sec

A4: KB Windmill; 3 x 10 per side; rest 10 sec; rest 30 sec


AMRAP in 3 Min

5 Power Snatch, 10 T2B, 15 Air Squats, 30 Double-Unders,

rest 2 min x 3

A: 135/93

B: 95/63

C: 75/53

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