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Once you build upon the foundations of both shoulder pressing and front squatting, the two can be combined into a movement called a thruster. Definitely a favorite in many a WOD, the thruster is generally carried out in higher volume and at a lower weight– so the more you have the movements nailed down, the faster and easier it will be! Remember to push through the floor, and drive up as hard as you can while maintaining a balanced and solid squat position!

Workout 2.22.16


A: Power Clean + Hang Clean; 5 x 1.1; rest 2-3 min


A1: Good Morning @4021; 3 x 10-12; rest 30 sec

A2: DB Press @2012; 3 x 10-12; rest 30 sec

A3: DB Walking Lunge; 3 x 14; rest 30 sec

A4: Single Arm DB Curl @3011; 3 x 10-12 per arm; rest 10 sec; rest 30 sec


For Time

200m Run, 5 PC & J, 8 HSPU, 10 Cal Assault Bike

rest 2 min x 4

A: 155/108;

B: 115/ 78; C: 95/63

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