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Studio 831 weightlifter Bianca Tornero is at it again, with a great short article on how the barbell transformed her own path in life. Her writing continues to highlight what role the barbell (and lifting) play in the lives of those with a passion for weightlifting.

We all have different paths and aspirations in life, but I find it fascinating how we all come together for one thing in this amazing community: To be healthier, fitter, and the best versions of ourselves. It is amazing how waking up and making the choice to commit to those goal shifts your whole day to a different path. Taking time from your day to take care of your body is one of the most rewarding things you can do.
For me, it led me to change my diet to a plan that worked for me, that ended up fueling my body in the right ways. It helped me get my life together so I could have time to work out! It also led me to find friends that share the same love for fitness that I have. It gave me a brighter and lighter mood, giving me an outlet to exhausts any negativity hidden inside me. The barbell gives me the fuel to push to a better state of mind, to a better version of myself.

Workout 2.24.16

Around the World in 20 Minutes

200m Run

10 Overhead Plate Sit-Up

60 Sec FLR

10 Ring Row

10 Reverse Hyper

200m Row


AMRAP in 15 MIn

400m Run, 15 DB Push Press, 10 Renegade Row, 25 Double-Unders, Accumulate 30 Sec L-Sit Hang

A: 45/30

B: 35/25

C: 25/15

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