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Studio 831 Belt System

We’ve come to the conclusion of our most recent strength and conditioning cycle and it’s time to do some testing again. Just like before, we will be using the tests from our belt system. This will allow us to use comparable data and in turn we will hopefully notice improvements in specific if not all areas of your training.

We encourage all of you to do as many of these tests as possible. If you miss some at any point you can make it up at your earliest convenience. Just like before you can enter your results into the belt system spreadsheet. If you have any trouble with this you can either refer back to the belt system instructional video (links are provided below) or just ask one of your coaches in class.

We hope doing these tests every couple months will help keep you motivated and excited to see how you are improving. If you have been consistent with your training than we know you are going to see noticeable gains within your strength and conditioning. These tests are our way to provide this insight. But remember, not everyday is a PR kind of day. While in a perfect world we would want to see everyone improve in all their lifts and conditioning tests, we understand that this isn’t always the case. There are lots of factors that can play into someone not being able to put forth their best effort. Some of the most common we see are: poor sleep hygiene, high stress levels, volume of training preceding the test, whether or not our CNS is fresh, poor food hygiene and so forth. If these practices are all in good order and your training has been consistent than you will more than likely see improvement.

If you have any questions at any point throughout the testing phase then please don’t hesitate to ask. Our sole focus as coaches it to make sure that we provide the best overall experience for each and everyone of you. We want to make sure you are progressing to whatever specific goals you may have.

Below you will find links to some videos all related to the belt system and testing.

Belt System Overview

Belt Spreadsheet Instructions

If you did not create a spreadsheet from the last testing phase than go ahead and click the link below and follow the instructions from the video above.

Men’s Spreadsheet

Women’s Spreadsheet


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