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Tomorrow is a recovery/make-up day and we will be doing an Around the World like we normally do. Just a reminder that when you are doing your Around the World it is meant to be done at a pace that you could easily maintain for an hour or more. These pieces are meant to help with your recovery between your workouts by moving blood around and getting you to breathe a little. Another benefit is to get some extra structural work in a controlled setting. So keep these smooth and fluid and enjoy the idea of not having to kill yourself in a workout.

Around the World x 20-30 Minutes
60 Sec Jump Rope
20 KB Windmill
2 Rope Climb
20-40 Sec Hollow Hold
60 Sec Assault Bike
60 Sec Row

AMRAP in 15 Minutes
15 KB Swing
10 Goblet Squat
60 Sec FLR
10 Pull-Up
15 Cal Row

A: 70/53
B: 53/35
C: 35/26

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