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Last week, Coach JP played in a football game that will forever go down in history as one of the greatest games ever played in Santa Cruz County. The game was a rematch between the 1996 SLV and Harbor High varsity teams, Yes, that was 20 years ago and the friendly rivalry has still held strong to this day. JP wrote a synopsis of his experience from the game and it is clear that this was much more than just a rematch between two opposing teams. It held a much deeper meaning to all that were involved.

“It was like something out of a movie. The setting SLV, the plot, redemption… On the surface, the game was set to end the long time question of who was the best. As we dig deeper, the story carries far more weight for some than just a high school rivalry. For most it was a fun Saturday surrounded in nostalgia, a time when things weren’t so P.C. so overbearing, so ridiculously safe. For a few though… It was a time of redemption, a time where they could shed one’s old self and come into the new. It wasn’t a game of high school popularity, self-destruction, or self-serving behavior. It was liberation of the chains that once bound the hearts and minds of its characters. Some called us foolish or said that we were trying to relive the past. The gnashing of teeth and firey darts spit from the lips, sparked by the tongue of loved ones or naysayers. The few that battled these demons had no idea that this game was exactly where they were supposed to be. This game was a gift to tortured minds of self doubt, and regrets, thoughts all to human. If you didn’t see it in the faces of the athletes after the game, than you didn’t really watch the game. Every bead of sweat, every drop of blood, and every crashing blow was a little part of the old leaving the body, making way for the new. Those of you that know struggle, those of you that know heartbreak, also know the power of redemption. We don’t always get this chance but on Saturday, July 30th redemption rang true in that classic Hell’s Bells way. Thank you Cougar fans!”

-JP Camperi

A1: Russian Step-Up; 4 x 8-10 per leg; rest 1 min
A2: Single Arm DB Waiter Walk; 4 x 100m; rest 2-3 minutes

A1: Good Morning @3111; 3 x 8-10; rest 30 sec
A2: Incline DB Bench Press @2111; 3 x 10-12; rest 30 sec
A3: Russian Step-Up; 3 x 10-12: rest 30 sec
A4: Farmer Carry; 3 x 100m; rest 30 sec

2 Rounds for Time
20 Wall Ball
20 KB Swing
20 Box Jump

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