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Well, the summer has almost come to an end. I’m sure we’re all a little bummed about that so we wanted to give you one more exciting thing to look forward to before you hang your bikini and speedo up and call it quits.

“Yoo-hoo!” “Big summer blowout!!” (Frozen anyone??)

We’re going to be hosting a beach workout/BBQ hangout on August 28th at Natural Bridges (yes, all of us westsiders do not have to leave the westside!!!!) Expect a day filled with fun games that will leave you sweaty, sandy and your mouth watering for grilled meats, veggies and cerveza.

We will have some games for the kiddos to play too so don’t forget to bring them!!

We hope everyone can make it! Let’s celebrate the end of summer with one last banging BBQ fiesta!!

What: Studio 831 End of the Summer Workout/BBQ
Where: Natural Bridges State Beach
When: August 28, 2:00pm Until Whenever
Why: Do We Really Need A Reason?

A: Deadlift @20×1; 4 x 8-10; rest 3-5 minutes

A1: Weighted Hip Bridge @2112; 3 x 8-10; rest 30 sec
A2: DB Press @2112; 3 x 10-12; rest 30 sec
A3: DB Walking Lunge; 3 x 20; rest 30 sec
A4: Rope Climb Pull; 3 x 3-4; rest 30 sec

3 Rounds for Time
15 Russian KB Swing
10 No Push-Up Burpee box Jump
300m Run

A: 70/53; 24/20
B: 53/35; 24/20
C: 35/26: 20/16


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