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On Saturday October 1st at 9am we will be having our first of two Affiliate Cup practices. We will be going over a lot of things to think about within a team competition of this sort and working on transitions and communication between your teammates. You can expect to do at least two team workouts and the entire practice will last about 90 minutes or so. Anyone is welcome to participate whether you are participating in the Affiliate Cup or not.

If you absolutely are participating in the competition you definitely won’t want to miss this.

A: Power Snatch + Hang Snatch; 5 x 1.1; rest 3-5 minutes

A1: Back Extension @1012; 3 x 8-10; rest 30 sec
A2: Push-Up Negative; 3 x 5-7; rest 30 sec
A3: Bulgarian Split Squat @3011; 3 x 8 per leg; rest 30 sec
A4: Powell Raise @3011; 3 x 8 per arm; rest 30 sec

AMRAP in 3 Minutes
250m Row
10 No Push-Up Burpee Box Jump
10 Jumping Split Lunge
10 T2B

Rest 2 Minutes

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