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Studio 831 represented and performed with authority over the weekend at the 2016 Santa Cruz Affiliate Cup. We took a first place in the Open division and a second place in the RX division. Every one of our members left their heart out on the workout floor and we all came together as a community to show our love and support for one another. We truly have something special at our little gym on the westside and I think it’s safe to say that every CrossFitter/spectator that was there over the weekend went home knowing our community a little bit better.

Deload Week

A: Back Squat @30×1; 2,2,2, @ 75-80% of 1rm; rest as needed

A1: Walking Lunge; 3 x 10-12; rest 30 sec
A2: Static hang from the Bar; 3 x 45-60 sec
A3: Dead Bug; 3 x 10; rest 30 sec
A4: Banded Clam Shell; 3 x 10 per side; rest 30 sec

AMRAP in 20 Minutes
5 Pull-Ups
10 Push-Ups
15 Air Squats

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