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Don’t forget that tomorrow night is our Holiday Party and likes years past it will be sure to not disappoint. Dress to impress and if you would like to bring some sort of finger food to share feel free to do so. The party starts at 7pm. We’re excited to see everyone there!!!


A1: Front Rack Walking Lunge; 4 x 8; rest 1 minute
A2: Farmer Carry; 4 x 50m; rest 2-3 minutes

A1: DB Walking Lunge; 3 x 10; rest 30 sec
A2: Push-Up Negative; 3 x 5-7; rest 30 sec
A3: Static hang from the Bar; 3 x 45-60 sec
A4: Single Arm DB Waiter Walk; 3 x 50; rest 30 sec

For Time
3 Rounds
10 Deadlift
10 Burpee Over the Bar
300m Run

A: 205/143
B: 165/113
C: 135/93

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