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Does Crossfit Create Injuries?

I’m sure that if you have talked to anyone about Crossfit you have heard the rumor that Crossfit is dangerous and that if you do it you are sure to get hurt. Well, I’m probably going to surprise some of you here because I’m sure you’re thinking that I’m going to say that this is total BS and that Crossfit is safe for anyone and everyone. I’m not going to say that though, I’m going to be honest with you all, because as they say “Where there’s smoke, there’s fire.”

Why Injuries Happen
The unfortunate reality is that many people have gotten injured while working out in Crossfit gyms around the world. These injuries stem from a variety of different reasons, which we will take a look at, but to make it really simple, typically when someone gets hurt it is because they were doing something they shouldn’t have been doing. Sometimes this is the result of the individual not following the coach’s instructions, sometimes it is the result of the individual receiving bad advice, and sometimes all the intentions are there but there is an underlying issue of which neither the coach nor athlete was aware.

As we previously discussed one of the unique things about Crossfit is that it is both a competitive sport and a strength and conditioning program intended for the everyday person. Additionally, one of the characteristics that makes Crossfit unique is that typically workouts are done in a group, in a sort of team setting. This group training has a ton of great benefits, you get the energy of everyone training with you, you become friends with your training partners, you keep eachother accountable, the room full of fun and friendly folks makes the whole process of ‘exercise’ more social and more enjoyable. However, there is a flip side to every coin. The flip side to the group training and ‘sport’ atmosphere is that sometimes people let their competitive side get the best of them and try to push themselves in order to keep up with others or even just compete with themselves. In doing so they may let their form slip, or try to add too much weight, or simply try to do something that they aren’t ready for, and this is when injury happens. So if you do decide to try Crossfit or any other exercise program for that matter, keep in mind that while a little competition can be a powerful motivator too much can quickly lead to a bad result.

Now, here is something that I’m probably going to catch some flak for saying, but hey, you can only hide from the truth for so long. Sometimes the injuries associated with Crossfit are simply the result of bad advice. Crossfit has grown so fast that there are tons of people trying it out and while it can be an incredibly powerful tool to transform people’s health, body, and self-image, just like any other physical practice there are inherent risks. Managing these risks can be a tricky process and the truth is many gyms simply don’t have a system in place to do so.

Safe and Sustainable Progress
A key component to getting started on the right foot with any type of fitness program is to know your starting point. All too often we see fitness programs being marketed out there that simply clump everyone who walks through their doors into one big group and forces the same workout on all of them. Not only is this somewhat disrespectful as it ignores the goals of the person coming in, but it leads to many people doing a workout that simply isn’t right for them. As a result we hear tons of stories of people who either didn’t get the results they were looking for or even worse got injured. This is all because many gyms and trainers are so sold on ‘thier way’ that they never take the time to ask prospective clients why
they are there in the first place!

So, if like many other folks this time of year, you are in the market for a program to help you get more fit in 2017 take the time to ensure that whatever program you sign up for actually makes sense for your goals!

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