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This will be a two part post, in part one this week we will answer the question of whether or not lifting weights makes you bulky? Next week we will take a look into why getting stronger is the healthiest thing you can do for yourself.

Does Lifting Weights Make You Bulky
Contrary to what you might think, we often hear from both men and women that one of their primary concerns with starting an exercise program that includes weightlifting is that it will make them gain weight and look bulky. There seems to be the notion out there that Crossfit and lifting weights in general will automatically give anyone the physique of a body builder. People even see the Crossfit Games on Tv and see the undeniably muscular physique of both the mean and the women competing and think to themselves ‘well I don’t want to look like that, so Crossfit must not be for me’. Now we’re not here to comment on what people should or shouldn’t look like. Everyone has their own goals and their own reasons for having those goals. But we do want to set the record straight that most people who look ‘bulky’ have spent countless hours of training intentionally building that physique. Sometimes for aesthetic reasons and sometimes for performance reasons.

The Truth About Getting ‘Big’
In order to gain enough muscle mass to make one look big, bulky, or like a bodybuilder, it takes both a training and nutrition program designed specifically to do so. In reality it is no easy task and takes a whole lot of hard work and dedication. Being a bodybuilder can take years of dedicated work in the gym and a very strict diet program. If you know anyone who has a bodybuilders physique ask them about how much time they spend working out, ask them about how much they eat! It’s pretty impressive really. The point is though, you won’t layer on tons of muscle mass unless you really, really, really want to!

“I just want to get toned”
Another thing we often hear that fits in this same vein is “I don’t want to get big muscles, I just want to get toned.” Let me be clear that it is not my intention to trash on anyone who has said or thought this in the past but I do want to set a few things straight.

First, the word ‘toned’ refers to muscle tone, and (trying not to be a smartass here) you simply can’t have muscle tone without muscle. Anyone who suggests otherwise either doesn’t know what they are talking about or is trying to sell you something. So if you have ever thought to yourself “I wouldn’t mind being a little more toned” what you are really thinking is “I wouldn’t mind building a little more muscle.”

If this thought has crossed your mind then good for you! Because having strong, healthy muscles is an extremely important part of your overall health! You’re probably getting bored by now so I’m going to end this post here but next week I will tell you exactly why!

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