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Paige Nutt in Santa Cruz - Studio 831

Paige Nutt

Name; Paige Nutt

Studio 831 Founder, Co-Owner, Head Coach

Years Training:


What do you specialize in?:

Personal Training, women, seniors

What are you passionate about?:

I am passionate about connecting with people and experiencing this life with new friends, my family, and health. I am passionate about reaching my true potential and I want to share ways of doing so with others seeking help.

What do you love most about coaching your members?:

I love to watch my clients gain inner strength. Aiding in this journey brings me great joy. I am inspired by my clients and their will to ask for help on their path to a healthier and more enjoyable lifestyle. I love to create a safe, fun, and supportive place for my clients to come be themselves while reaching their goals.  I gain lifelong friendships and trust from my clients. It is very important for me to connect with and truly understand my client. Everyone requires their own set of tools and I love every part of that discovery.

What is your athletic background?

I participated all four years of varsity High School softball, basketball, and surf team. After High School I found cardio kickboxing and CrossFit. I became a Kickboxing instructor at the age of 18 and opened a small group class studio (Studio 831) in 2005 when I turned 23.  I taught Xtrain, Kickboxing, Urban Rebound, and did personal training.

I got into Competitive Crossfit in the early 2000’s and competed at the ‘regional’ level as an individual a number of times and at one of the first Crossfit Games on a Team way back when it was held on the Castro family ranch in Aromas.

How did you end up as a coach? What path brought you here?:

"I want to own my very own gym on the Westside when I grow up" ~ age 10

I felt alive and invigorated playing sports throughout my childhood and through High School.  Once I realized college sports were not realistic, I decided to pursue fitness and exercise outside of sports.  I found CrossFit in 2003 and never looked back. The competitive nature and community feel immediately grasped me. I opened my own gym, Studio 831 in 2005. I taught 34 classes/week as well as cleaned the studio and kept track of the bookkeeping. We outgrew our space at 544 Palm Street within our first two years of opening and moved to Fair Avenue. Our members loyalty fueled my passion for teaching and competing. Before too long we again outgrew Fair Avenue and moved to the Mission center in 2011/2012. I am so proud of what Studio 831 has become. My family and the smart choice of bringing on a super hero business partner, Dylan Staniec, has made Studio 831 a valuable weightlifting facility with some of the best CrossFit athletes in Santa Cruz county. I am a proud mama of this beautiful business and family we have created at Studio 831

What's your favorite quote?:

"Do all things with LOVE"

Is there anything else you want people to know about you?:

I am a stressed out mother of two and a business owner. I understand the complicated schedules and demands of a family lifestyle. I understand the struggles of time management and creating time for seems impossible. However, if you make your health a priority, you set a spectacular example for your children, friends and family. You can do it, and I am happy to help and support you along the way.

Opex CCP Level 1 On Journey
Crossfit Level 1
USAW Sports Performance


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