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Kat Girard in Santa Cruz - Studio 831

Kat Girard

Kat Girard

Title(s):Personal Trainer, Coach

Certifications:ACE, USAW Level 1 coach, Cypress Health Institute: certified massage therapist, certified instructor of Stick Stretching (method of eccentric/static strengthening and joint balance)

Years Training:12 years training

What do you specialize in?: Strength training, identifying and correcting muscular imbalances, Olympic lifting, powerlifting, sport performance

What are you passionate about?:My biggest passion is simply moving well.  Whether that means having the ability to take on the physical stresses of daily life and the aging process, or moving better at your sport, I'm passionate about helping you achieve that goal.  Strength raises the ceiling that houses all other athletic abilities. Whether you live in chronic pain or want to perform better, developing strength and correcting movement patterns guarantees and improved quality of living. That is what I'm passionate about!

What do you love most about coaching your members?:

The "aha moment", and finding "the edge". This can be physical or mental.

The "aha moment" is a way of identifying the "why". It's creates the foundation for your motivation. Everyone has it and I love identifying it.

"The edge" is that place we all have where we don't think we have more. This can seem physical but it's generally a mental perception. Seeing people ride along and sometimes push past this Edge is always amazing and motivating to witness!

What is your athletic background?

I played basketball and track and field in high school. I didn't play any sports in college, but found the weight room as a freshman; haven't left since!

-strength coach for Aptos high throwers: 2002,2003

-state records in bench press and deadlift as a junior and and again in the open class.

-qualified for American Open in first Olympic lifting meet

How did you end up as a coach? What path brought you here?:

It wasn't my plan! I was getting my degree in English literature at UCSC and working part time at a gym. People began to ask me to train them! I, of course, wasn't qualified but, as the demand grew, I decided to get certified.  I haven't looked back since! The last 12 years has been a constant process of continued education and mentorships. The learning never ends, and that is one of the best parts!

What's your favorite quote?:

   "There are no limits. There are only plateaus, must not stay there. You must go beyond them."   -Bruce Lee

Is there anything else you want people to know about you?:

     I love music and have played the piano for years!

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