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Dylan Staniec in Santa Cruz - Studio 831

Dylan Staniec

Name: Dylan Staniec
Co-Owner/Head Coach

Certifications: Opex CCP Level 1 (Level 2 on journey), Crossfit Level 1, USAW Sports Performance

Years Training: 8

What do you specialize in?: Sailing, personal training, individual fitness design

What are you passionate about?: Fitness is a part of who I am. I am most alive, engaged, and fulfilled when I am active and using my body. Whether sailing, hiking, playing basketball, or working out being active is what keeps me inspired and prepares me to tackle the challenges of life.

What do you love most about coaching your members?: The personal connections. I meet the most interesting people in the work I do. From high powered business people, to scientists, to professional athletes, to grandma and grandpas. I love getting to know the people I work with and hearing their story of why fitness is important to them.

What is your athletic background? I grew up playing sports. Dabbled in soccer, football, and volleyball, but mostly played basketball. I never really got into the gym until 2009 when a friend introduced me to Crossfit. I fell in love right away and couldn’t get enough.

I trained hard as a recreational Crossfitter for about 5 years. Over that same time I got back into my childhood hobby of Sailing. I have gradually done more and more sailboat racing over the past 5 years and now I train primarily to prepare me for the summer racing season that takes me up and down the coast of California and sometimes even to Mexico! I can’t think of a much better hobby than one that keeps you active, gets you outside, and takes you to beautiful places!

How did you end up as a coach? What path brought you here?: It wasn’t really something I planned out in advance. In 2012 I graduated from UC Berkeley with BS in Anthropology. I moved back to Santa Cruz intending to take a year to prepare for grad school. In the meantime I got a part time job working for Paige at Studio 831 and fell in love with coaching. It gave me everything I loved about anthro, which was to interact with people and learn about what inspires them, and it gave me the opportunity to pursue my other passion, fitness.

Paige and I had a great working relationship and after about a year of working for her she offered me a partnership in the business.

What's your favorite quote?: “I’ve read dozens of books, about heroes and crooks, and learned much from both of their styles”

Is there anything else you want people to know about you?:
I love to travel and spent the better part of my twenties seeing as much of the world as I could. I’ve been to about 30 countries thus far and hope to add many more to that list in the years to come.


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